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3D Cellulosic Wall Covering

This product is the newest and most unique wall covering in Europe and has been highly welcomed by Interior designers all around the world. Best Wall 3d wall covering is a new generation of wall coverings and is suitable substitute of other wall coverings such as Wall Papers, Stone Façade Composite (Fiberglass), PVC and MDF wall coverings, Antique Stone and other kinds of wall coverings.

This new kind of wall covering has plant origin and is made of compressed fiber cane. This wall covering has a 3d surface and its prominence are vary from 1Cm to 4Cm according to their designs. In addition to their stunning beauty and diversity of the fourteen designs, projects can be painted in any desired colors. This kind  of wall covering is completely biodegradable (Eco-Friendly) due to its plant origin. Meanwhile, they are a good Insulator for heat, cold and noise which makes them more applicable at any buildings.

Best places for 3D Panels

Best Wall 3D Wall Coverings are suitable for installation and implementation of the following locations :
– Residential space includes home interior like living room and entertainment hall and TV wall , bedroom walls , Staircases , auditorium and lobby.
– Places of business including commercial or official buildings , companies and institutions , shops and passages , galleries and shopping centers , banks and financial institutions , currency exchanges and jewelry stores, Showcases of all galleries and shops as well as car, furniture , clothes , bags and shoes exhibitions.
– Other facilities include recreational, instructional and sports centers , hotels and inns , Cinema and Theater Halls, Airports , Medical centers , Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices , Coffee Shops , Restaurants and Catering Salons, Beauty Salons , Boutiques and clothes , bags and shoes Galleries, Mesons and other places.
By having various designs and models including classical and modern, Best Wall 3D Wall Covering will be definitely popular with all kinds of tastes.

Import and Distribution of newest and most updated high quality products for interior decorative designs is our main company policy and by utilizing experienced personnel, we are completely ready to serve our customers. It is hoped that our efforts can be appropriately responsive to our associates’ requirements and our fastidious customers….

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